EGNA table settings


Table cloths, table runners and napkins
By using the same table cloth and just change the two table runners and napkins, you can easily adjust the whole expression of your dinner table due to the occasion. 

All of the EGNA table setting products are made of high quality linen from northern Italy. The fabric is dyed in the EGNA colours and then stone washed to get a very matte finish. 

Dimensions table cloth JOHAN
1300 x 2300 mm
90 x 52”

Dimensions table runner OLOF large and small
Large                                Small
350 x 2300 mm                250 x 2300 mm
90 x 14”                            90 x 10"

Dimensions napkin KERSTIN
400 x 400 mm
16 x 16”

Washing instructions
Machine wash max 60 degrees.

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